Bring me a story in any form – an old packet of letters, a fat sketchbook of scribbles, a journal stuffed with thoughts, sketches, lists, and diagrams – and I will transform it into a deep, contextual experience that immerses, educates, and fascinates your audience.

An original Storiography project can include any custom combination of photography, video, copywriting, illustration, WordPress implementation, mapping, and design for online and/or print. Quotes are given on a per-project basis and start at $10,000.

The Storiography approach is also available on a limited basis for the following services:

– Event and editorial photography
– Wedding photography
– Interface, online, book, or identity design

Time and project-based rates available. Please call 202-713-5329 or click here to contact me for a quote.

Want to see some examples? Just scroll down ↓

    • GovLuv

      what: Identity, site design

      You have 10 seconds to imagine what an online platform to enable better communication between constituents and their representatives should look like. You pictured a mashup of federal iconography, 90s acid punk rock colors and Hello Kitty hearts n’ stars, right?

    • Open Forum Foundation

      what: Identity, style guide

      I always wanted to work on a logo that had to look good at all times, even when printed on plain M&Ms. A classic, simple design for a foundation with simple, classic goals: helping people get heard by government.

    • AtomMobile

      where: Pocket PCs
      what: Interface design

      Did you ever own one of these? I didn’t but I did spend the better part of a year doing super secret development for them in anticipation for the big release of Flash Player 6 for Pocket PC. Vector-based animation, streaming stock quotes, and character-based instant messaging, oh my!

    • AtomToGo

      where: Website
      what: Identity, interface design

      The first ever online site solely devoted to content for mobile devices in the history of the world. Ok, ok… even if it’s not the first, I’m pretty sure it’s the best-looking and the easiest to browse.

  • Tomotopia

    where: Prototype
    what: World, interface design

    “So, you need a new mouse for your computer and you want it to be animal-shaped? OK… And you want it to give you access to a fantastic online world of other online mice and their owners, complete with games, chat, shopping, and more? OK..”

    “Oh! just one more thing – do you consider yourself more of a dino-boy or a shark-girl?”